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Aerodynamic Design
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You’ll never look at cardio machines the same way again

I've never sweat so much, especially in such a short amount of time.
Ian, Verified Purchaser
Get the sweat going right way and the digital workouts encourage me to keep it going.
Mark, Verified Purchaser
It's the perfect tool for taking your HIIT game to the highest levels.... [A]s a Sports Physio I can see so many applications for the Flyweight.... Highly recommend.
Ellen, Verified Purchaser
It is really good for range of motion and strength while taxing the cardiovascular system.
Elliot, Verified Purchaser
I love that it works the whole muscular body while also working cardio.
Eric, Verified Purchaser
Great for HIIT and power work.
Joshua, Verified Purchaser
Muscle gain with a powerful cardio programme built in.
Charles, Verified Purchaser
Until now, I have never found any product that has given me a full body workout that uses muscles not generally used with other equipment in one product.... I cannot believe in the short time I've been training the results that I have experienced.
Norman, Verified Purchaser
All [Flyweight] movements absolutely shrrrrred my ab wall.
Troy, Verified Purchaser
I was quite sceptical about this.... Trust me I was wrong you can concentrically contract on both phases of the movement and it gives a VERY effective cardio workout . Exactly what they said it would do.
Adam, Verified Purchaser
This thing is the real deal
Mark, Verified Purchaser
The Flyweight is everything that I expected. It is a great tool to do a high intensity interval training workout.
Richard, Verified Purchaser
More impressive and more demanding than I thought.
Joseph, Verified Purchaser
[T]he different configurations give you such a wide range of conditioning exercises.... Because of the acceleration in each movement, I seem to be achieving better conditioning from the flyweight, than I am from my long weight training sessions.
Karen, Verified Purchaser
Replaces a lot of other pieces of equipment.
Ryan, Verified Purchaser
Absolutely hooked.
Meghan, Verified Purchaser


More than a 1:1 replacement, Flyweight offers distinct advantages over cardio machines and other equipment. As a transformer, Flyweight optimizes rotational inertia and biomechanical leverage for maximum handling, enhanced acceleration and tremendous force capacity.


Experience the Next Generation of the Ski, the Row and the Slam with Two-Way Active Acceleration and Braking

Flyweight offers a unique advantage over cardio machines. With Flyweight, actively accelerate and brake during both phases, maximizing the intensity and effectiveness of every rep.

With Flyweight's active acceleration and braking in both directions, you engage muscles on both ends of the movement with symmetry. This contrasts with cardio machines which create an asymmetrical workout by pulling you back on the other side of the movement. Achieve perfect symmetry. Get more out of every rep.


Expand Your Range of Motion, Ignite Your Core

Flyweight allows you to actively drive out and away from your midline, hitting extended ranges that ignite your core. Unlike kettlebells and dumbbells, which limit active acceleration to a single direction aligned with your body, Flyweight introduces a new dimension of loaded rotation through a full range of motion, delivering unparalleled core activation.


Tap Into High Octane Resistance, Unlock High Performance Gains

Not all muscle is the same. Flyweight specifically targets fast-twitch muscle fibers through high-velocity movements and active acceleration and braking. After all, fast-twitch muscle not only looks great. It performs great too.


Testing, Engineering and Science. The Flyweight Difference.

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Flyweight vs. the 225lb Barbell Clean & Jerk

Compared to the Barbell Clean & Jerk, the Flyweight Slam moved 349% faster, generated 24% greater peak power, and resulted in 49% more work done.

Flyweight vs. the 10lb Medicine Ball Slam

Compared to the Medicine Ball Slam, the Flyweight Slam moved 22% faster, generated 47% greater peak power, and resulted in 129% more work done.

*Data is based on testing of predecessor product at a weight of 10lbs.

Design and Engineering
  • Industrial Grade Materials

  • Metal Alloy Combination

  • Liquid Silicone Rubber

  • Black Electrocoat

  • Anti-Friction Nylon


    The 9lb version is sufficient for all, even high-level athletes.


    The 12lb version is recommended for those who strength train with moderate to heavier weight.

Experience Flyweight


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The Flyweight is made out of industrial grade materials: metal alloy, anti-friction nylon, liquid silicone rubber, and black electrocoat.

Dumbbells, weighted clubs, and kettlebells are designed for vertical one-way resistance with a slower return to the start position. Kettlebells can’t be gripped with natural grip, hands shoulder width apart, or with a two-hand underhand grip. The configurations and handling of Flyweight make the most of the Force = Mass x Acceleration equation through full ranges of motion in different paths.

With Flyweight, each of the 8 configurations allows you to accelerate out and away from the body, which forces you to actively decelerate and brake on the other side. In some ways, it’s closer to a medicine ball or battle ropes than a kettlebell or club. But battle ropes are quite limited and medicine balls allow you to shortcut your effort by utilizing the bounce. In contrast, Flyweight is a device you can freely accelerate on both sides of the movement.

The two-way resistance of Flyweight forces you to accelerate-brake-accelerate on every rep. So when you accelerate, you prioritize one set of muscle groups. When you brake, you prioritize another. And when you accelerate on the reverse side you prioritize yet another.

So what is especially unique about the two-way resistance of Flyweight is the active acceleration and braking on both sides of the movement of every rep to work both sides of the movement with symmetry. Think of a row machine or ski machine, in contrast, which pull you back.

Resistance is scaled through the amount of acceleration. That’s how Flyweight is estimated to deliver up to 130lbs of resistance. (Using the equation Force = Mass x Acceleration.) Like with a pair of boxing gloves, baseball, golf or tennis swing, and sprinting, force is generated through acceleration, not by adding weight.

The parts are solid metal. There is no shifting inside of the weights. Any shifting inside would actually work against the idea of max acceleration-braking-acceleration in every rep.

There are no additional fees. Digital access to the Fly Code is included with your purchase of a Flyweight. There are no additional fees.